Sunday, 21 Oct 2018

Another USB-C keyboard: the Input Club K-Type

Input Club recently shared the following announcement over their email list:

“Our Aluminum Frame, RGB Backlit, Open Source, USB C, Fully Programmable, Mechanical Keyboard, with PBT Doubleshot Backlit Keycaps K-Type is finally available to purchase. Details of the new mechanical switch, invented by Jacob Alexander (HaaTa) are available on the product listing.”

So-called “mechanical keyboards” have been gaining in popularity. Instead of cheap rubber domes, these keyboards use mechanical switches below each key. Buyers can choose which variety of switch, depending on whether they like a louder clicky sound, a clear “bump” when pressed, et cetera.

What’s interesting about the K-Type is that this has two USB-C ports; apparently it’s possible to daisy-chain an additional keyboard (such as a numeric keypad). As we understand it, it can’t be used for mice and such.

Note that you have to assemble this keyboard yourself.

Buy the Input Club K-Type via Massdrop

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