Sunday, 21 Oct 2018

BenQ launches the PD2710QC 27 inch IPS display

As you can understand from our numerous USB-C docks reviews, we’re a bit nuts about docks and hubs. It comes as no surprise then that when BenQ announced their PD2710QC 27 inch IPS display last January, our inner geek got a bit excited. Now, after a few months of waiting, it seems BenQ finalised the product and is ready for shipping!

The  new BenQ PD2710QC display is WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) IPS panel, the stand supports height adjustments while it can also be titled and swivelled. With the clean design, and the maybe above average price tag, BenQ is clearly targeting the professional market of designers, software developers, CAD artists and other professions which require a high standard display. The display itself seems to be pretty good. However, the part which sparked our interest the most was the part under it.

PD2710QC integrated USB-C dock

Below the display, an interesting USB-C dock can be found. The dock has been integrated in the monitor stand. While the dock has 4 USB A connectors, a headphone jack, and a RJ45 ethernet connection, the interesting connections for us are the DisplayPort and the USB-C port. Unfortunately, BenQ only included 1 USB-C port with 5 Gbit bandwidth. While having one USB-C connector might be enough for now, it seems limited for the near future. We’d rather have seen 2 connectors in the dock. We do appreciated the USB-C dock however; it makes connecting your laptop to external devices a breeze, and saves you from fiddling around below your desk.

The display can be bought for 599 dollars at BestBuy making the BenQ PD2710QC not the cheapest in its range, but given it has the nice integrated dock, it still provides good value for money!