Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

Bourge Design Arc Hub no longer supporting 4K@60Hz

When we last posted about the Bourge Design Arc Hub, we noted that some people were not able to achieve a 60 Hz refresh rate when connecting their 4K monitor to the mini-DisplayPort, specifically when using the 2016/2017 Apple MacBook Pro.

We received our Arc Hub today and immediately tested with a mini-DisplayPort cable that’s affordable and has very good reviews. Unfortunately although the cable itself should support 4K@60Hz, the hub capped the resolution at 2560×1440. This is actually even worse than we expected! We hooked up our monitor (Samsung U28E590DS) via HDMI and got 4K@30Hz which is not ideal but acceptable for incidental usage.

When we checked the Bourge Design support page, we noticed the old support page has been removed. The new support page lists a number of currently known issues, amongst these:

Known Issue: Not being able to achieve 4K@60hz via MDP when using a MacBook Pro. Will this be fixed?: Our engineers are throughly researching and examining the issue. The current prognosis is that it may be a conflict between the firmware in the Arc Hub and MacOS that is preventing 4K@60hz from appearing. We will update this page with more info as it comes our way.

Besides this, the sales page has a Tech Specs section and it no longer lists 4K@60Hz as a feature. Another source of documentation is the Indiegogo page because the Arc Hub was a crowdfunded project. That project page still lists: “The Mini DisplayPort outputs 4K@60hz” but we suspect this is old copy and will be removed as well.

Firstly it’s a shame for buyers, because the Arc Hub was sold to many customers as having this specific feature. And they’re not getting what they paid for. But secondly, it’s a shame for the whole USB-C ecosystem because the Arc Hub was the only hub that delivered 4K@60Hz out of the box.

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