Saturday, 22 Sep 2018
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Eve V: the USB-C Windows Surface

Recently, we reported about the new Windows Surface tablet. In the meantime, a new Windows Surface has been released. Our biggest complaint on the earlier version was the lack of USB-C ports. The newer version of the Windows Surface has…also zero USB-C ports? Apparently, Microsoft doesn’t see the value in releasing a USB-C version of […]

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An overview of all Thunderbolt 3 docks

Last update: June 24, 2017 Multiple Thunderbolt 3 docks have now gone up for preorder, and most of them have seen reviews. We figured it was a good time to give an overview about what’s out there. Release Date Price as per May 26 Specs (Pre-)order Review Belkin June 6 US$ 349.99 Link Link MacRumors […]

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The Best USB-C Hubs and Docks

Mobile phones, laptops and Chromebooks becoming thinner and thinner each year. We went from the VGA connector to the slimmer HDMI connector, from Ethernet ports to either Wi-Fi, and from USB-A connectors to USB-C. With this move, we’ve gained amazing possibilities with newest connection, the USB-C connection. However, there are still a lot of legacy […]

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More details on external graphics on Apple hardware

Ars Technica comes with more details on the news that Apple brought out at WWDC concerning support for external graphics cards. Andrew Cunningham took a detailed picture and Ars offered a number of details and speculations. Firstly, the developer kit that Apple offers, is nothing special and can be put together with off the shelf […]

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iMac Pro

News from the Apple WWDC 2017 conference

A lot of news came in from the first day of Apple’s WWDC 2017 conference in San Jose. Plenty of news sources cover the general Apple ecosystem however we’d like to point you to some interesting USB-C related tidbits. Both MacRumors and The Verge reporting on new iMacs. These so-called all-in-one computers got their last […]

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MSI comes out with a graphics card sporting USB-C

AnandTech published an article with the headline “MSI Shows Off GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Card with USB Type-C Port”. As we are always happy to note, the USB-C connector is just the handiest thing; reversible, compact and supports a ton of protocols. Apparently MSI also thinks so, because they brought out a version […]

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MagC project on Indiegogo

Another day, another crowdfunding project to replace MagSafe! Today, the MagC project was launched on Indiegogo, and it aims to replace the MagSafe like the existing Griffin BreakSafe, the now shipping Snapnator and the in-production MagNeo. What’s ambitious about this project, is that it’s a very small design, and it’s L-shaped and thus the cable […]

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