Sunday, 21 Oct 2018

Fast Company on volunteer reviewers

Glenn Fleischman wrote an interesting article for Fast Company: How Volunteer Reviewers Are Saving The World From Crummy—Even Dangerous—USB-C Cables. It’s a very interesting article to us, because it talks about the people who inspired us to create USB-C Today: Benson Leung is one of them, as well as Nathan K.

Apple MacBook's new USB-C (Type-C) port

Mr. Fleishman reminisces about the good old days when you had (paper) tech magazines with their independent test labs, who’d keep an eye on quality. It’s pretty clear that these days are gone, and the subtitle of the piece is: “Helpful though they are, plucky small bands of testers can’t make up for the lack of independent consumer-focused labs for tech equipment”.

While that may or may not be true, the volunteers picking up the slack are far more willing to educate. So if you want to learn something about the inner workings of USB-C, head over to Google Plus and ask questions.