Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

GoPro USB-C Supercharger deemed unsafe

GoPro Supercharger with USB-C and USB-ARecently, GoPro brought out an interesting charger called the GoPro Supercharger. In and of itself, it looks interesting: US$ 50 that gets you a compact USB-C and USB-A charger. GoPro mentions it “supports normal charging for all other GoPro devices and works with most devices that can be charged via USB”.

GTrusted is a site we love for their ability to take a real deep dive into the electronics. They researched what happens when you hook it up to a MacBook Pro. And it’s not good; the charger makes a big mess in advertising its supported voltages, and actually delivering them. They note “advertises its source capabilities of 15, 16.5 and 20 watts” and “oddly we see that the charger initially delivers about 15 volts, stops delivering power, and then delivers 12 volts”. This is not what one expects from a $50 device.

Meanwhile on Google Plus

On Google Plus, this moved Nathan K. to have a look at it as well. Like Benson Leung, he’s a certified engineer and well known Google Plus poster who does very thorough reviews on USB-C cables and chargers. He warns: “DO NOT use the GoPro Supercharger [Model AWALC-002] with any third-party equipment — ESPECIALLY not the Google Pixel C tablet! The GoPro charger IS unsafe and could cause immediate hardware damage!”

He also asks them to recall the charger, and his calls have previously moved Anker to pull some cables off the market. We’re curious whether GoPro will act responsibly here.

In the meantime, check out our Chargers section for something decent.