Sunday, 21 Oct 2018

Kickstarter: Spyra One

In the category of ‘amazing cool gadgets’, we have a found a new product, and it’s the Spyra One gun. And while we normally don’t endorse items like this, we’ll make an exception for the Spyra One, since it’s a water gun!

A water gun with a USB C port you say? Right… Initially, we had the same thought, but on further investigating why a water gun needs an USB C connection, we found that the Spyra has a few features which would make you wonder how you ever lived without.

For starters, the Spyra has a counter for knowing how much ‘ammo’ you have left. So, no more awkward situations in which you have your buddies in shot, but are out of water; with the digital counter, you’ll never end up in surprise situations like this. 

Secondly, the the battery of the Spyra is used to keep a steady pressure on the water, so the distance is always the same, and no need for manual pumping anymore. 

Capacity wise, the built in battery has enough juice for almost 50 water refills, which equals to more than 1100 shots. Enough for a great day of fun, we think!

While the target at Kickstarter has been reached, we an imagine some stretch goals, like laser sight, sound effects, and maybe a connector for your phone, to calculate wind speed and angles. Or are we pushing it?