Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

Learn to test USB-C PD

If you’re curious about USB-C, and we hope that by visiting this site, you are indeed such a person, then we might have an interesting workshop for you.

Iceseminars, in Germany, is organising a USB-C Power Delivery workshop to learn how to test USB-C devices. The goal of the workshop is to teach attendees the key differentiators in the USB Type-C protocol and testing methodologies, and the course promises to be quite hands-on and to focus on best practices.

The program:

  1. Introduction USB Type-C
  2. Introduction USB Power Delivery
  3. USB-IF Compliance Program – Focus USB Type-C
  4. Test tool requirements for USB Type-C

The workshop is lead by Mr. Pascal Berten, who is a leading industry expert from the well-known test laboratory, Eurofins.

If you want to know more about the USB-C PD training workshop, have a look at the Iceseminars website to learn more!