Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

The LYNQ: a new USB-C hub on Kickstarter

Update 5th of April 2017: this project reached its goal.

One of our duties here is to inform you on new Kickstarter projects. Some USB-C hubs and docks on the market are alike, and share the same features and flaws. This leads us to believe that lots of manufacturers just use the so-called reference design of the chipset producer.LYNQ Charging Hub

On Kickstarter however, we can find the off-beat designs. Previously we’ve seen the HyperDrive, which successfully funded and is now in production. And now, there’s the LYNQ, with the subtitle The No Nonsense 6-in-1 Charging Hub.

Funding is moving very, very fast. In the first couple of days, it has passed the 27K (of a total of 50K) mark. The feature set seems a bit disappointing to us, however. Basically, it’s a USB-C hub with a charger, a speaker and a microphone.

The major shortcoming is that it doesn’t include USB-PD (Power Delivery). In our opinion, any new USB-C hub should include this feature because it eliminates connecting your old charger. It’s of course also the most expensive and hardest part: there’s plenty of opportunities to screw this up.

Then there’s a more minor point: the speaker connects over Bluetooth. In our opinion, it would’ve been much more interesting to include the option and simply route the audio over USB, to save yourself the hassle of pairing the Bluetooth speaker.

But perhaps the market thinks differently: the $69 super early bird option is already gone and funding seems to be going very well indeed. There’s still the $79 early bird option as the moment of writing.