Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

MagC project on Indiegogo

Another day, another crowdfunding project to replace MagSafe! Today, the MagC project was launched on Indiegogo, and it aims to replace the MagSafe like the existing Griffin BreakSafe, the now shipping Snapnator and the in-production MagNeo.

What’s ambitious about this project, is that it’s a very small design, and it’s L-shaped and thus the cable runs at a 90 degree angle from your laptop to the back of the desk. It also looks like the magnetic dongle is meant to be permanently left into the USB-C port.

It’s a daring design because it looks like the connection is the smallest we’ve seen so far. That makes investing in this project is not without risk. Even experienced teams like the MagNeo team had a lot of trouble getting the pogo pins right.

Link to the MagCC project

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MagC and L-shaped MagSafe compared