Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

Mirabook makes a laptop from your smartphone over USB-C

The Verge reports on an interesting campaign on IndieGoGo, the Mirabook. It looks like a laptop, but in actuality it’s just a keyboard, toucMirabook closedhpad, screen and battery, and for everything else it relies on your USB-C equipped smartphone.

The campaign is set up by a French startup, who’ve been working on this design since 2015. So far, they’ve created multiple prototypes which they’ve been showing at CES and Mobile World Congress. And now they’re launching a campaign on Indiegogo to get the Mirabook to mass production at the end of 2017.

What’s interesting is that the campaign page goes into one technical detail, namely the video protocol. “Contrary to the old classic PC market, there is no video protocol standard on Smartphone”, the Miraxess company notes, and goes on to say that they chose SlimPort since it’s well-supported. In reality, we suspect that the choice might be prompted by whatever Samsung picked, because of their huge marketshare on the Android phone market.

Also shown is the port layout. On the left side, there’s a USB-C port for charging. On the right side, an integraded USB-C cable for hooking up the smartphone. There’s a USB-A port on the left and right side as well. We’ve got to question this choice. Firstly, charging only happens on the left side of the laptop and it’s incredibly convenient to be able to charge on both sides. And secondly in our opinion, there is another big risk: if USB-C adoption continues to grow then you’re stuck with two useless old-fashioned USB-A ports.

In any case, we’re interested to see how the campaign turns out, and we’ll keep you posted!

Mirabook on desk