Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

New portable SSD from Western Digital

Both MacRumors as well as The Verge came in today with the news that Western Digital brings a new product on the market: a portable SSD called My Passport.

This is right after CalDigit’s announcement of their Tuff external harddrive. But while CalDigit offers lots of storage (2 TB) for a reasonable price, WD focuses on small, fast access to files; it comes in 256, 512 and 1024 GB (1 TB) sizes.

Best Buy lists the following prices: $99.99 for the 256 GB, $199.99 for the 512 GB and a pretty $399.99 for the 1 TB version.

It doesn’t seem to be more widely available at the moment, but if that happens then we’ll surely update you.

Read more on Western Digital’s website. If you’re looking for something more widely available, check out our current external SSD selection.