Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

New USB-C cable from CalDigit

CalDigit recently announced the release of a certified USB-IF 10Gb/s USB-C Cable with 60W power delivery, 3.3 ft/1 m long. The product page on the website lists all the specs. We received this cable along with the Tuff external harddrive and took a few shots.

Currently, we do not recommend particular cables unless they have been tested thoroughly, meaning: over/under-current, voltage drop and RF characteristics should be tested, as well as USB-PD traffic analysis and looking at the E-Marker (chip that can be read by USB-C devices). We currently don’t have the right equipment for that.

That said, it’s a sturdy cable which carries data with USB 3.1 speeds (10 Gb/s) and seems to be built with an eye towards quality. As an example of that, have a look at the picture below. At the left, an unbranded $5 USB-C cable. At the right, the CalDigit cable. As you can see, the cheap connector at the left is clamped and has a visible seam. The CalDigit connector on the right doesn’t have any visible seam, because it’s extruded — this is what is recommended by the USB-C specifications because it’s stronger.

CalDigit offers a 2.5 year warranty on this cable. To our knowledge, this is pretty unique in the industry.

If you like it so far, this cable is available on the Caldigit website.