Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

Preview: OnePlus Bullets Wireless

Early this year, we saw that major news outlets got an early production of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. Amongst others, The Verge published a glowing review. In June, they’d become generally available, or so was reported.

That turned into a disappointment for a lot of people, because apparently the first production run was quite limited. A second run was announced and on the OnePlus site, people could enter their email address to be notified when new stock arrived.

Not trusting this would go right, we checked daily and were able to grab the Bullets Wireless last week. And yet again, the second batch quickly sold out!

But we got them and next week, we’ll be publishing our full review. For now, we’re still testing; we’ve hit a weird snag when it comes to charging the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. As soon as we’ve gotten to the bottom of this, we will publish our findings.

In the meantime, visit the Bullets Wireless on the OnePlus website for your country to see when the next production batch arrives:

OnePlus Bullets Wireless