Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

Removed product: Innergie charger

Today, we removed the Innergie charger from our Chargers page. Since the update to macOS 10.12.2, this charger would refuse to work. If you would connect it to your 2016 MacBook Pro, the laptop would continually play the chime sound, as if you’d repeatedly connect/disconnect the charger.

We communicated with Innergie support and they mentioned that this was a known problem that was fixed with their new revision. And indeed, the new revision does work but it’s not a great experience: before settling in a charging state, the laptop still chimes multiple times (3-4 times).

The next day, we’ve experienced a mysterious failure of multiple USB-C ports on our 2016 MacBook Pro. This may be unrelated but in the meantime, we’re not recommending the product for now.