Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

Why you shouldn’t buy the new Microsoft Surface laptop

Microsoft’s press event held in New York City last Tuesday was focussed mostly on a education. Besides promoting the new Microsoft lightweight operating system, utilizing Microsoft Teams, Microsoft also introduced a new high-powered Surface-branded notebook. And, since we’re an USB-C focussed website, this is the device which caught our attention. The Microsoft Surface laptop  features a USB port… an USB-A one! With only 1 USB port available, the options for the new Surface laptop are limited. A laptop and a mouse? Nope. An external monitor? No no. A USB HD and….. again a no.

We usually don’t look at devices which do not have an USB-C connection, since it wouldn’t make sense. However, the new Microsoft Surface could have been an interesting device. With the help of a dock it could be turned into a very versatile solution. Microsoft choose instead for the old fashioned connection, claiming:

“The responses all pointed to a lack of maturity in USB-C with power and cable issues, and just a broad lack of market adoption. Microsoft felt its target audience for the Surface Laptop would be more likely to make use of a mini DisplayPort and traditional USB port than the new USB-C connections.”

While cable issues might have been a bigger thing of the past, currently, there are enough resources and certified USB-C cables available, and we think this is no longer a real  issue. Also, since all MacBooks, and most Chromebooks, currently have an USB-C connection, we feel Microsoft missed a very important opportunity, and unfortunately for Surface fans, it’s most likely that the Surface Pro 5 will also fail to have the USB-C connection included!All in all, we’re disappointed in this choice. We would have liked to review the new Microsoft Surface laptops, but unfortunately, there’s no reason to review, and frankly, hardly a reason to buy either.