Sunday, 21 Oct 2018

SmartBoy Mobile, a USB-C gaming accessory for your phone

HyperKin Lab have released a USB-C gaming accessory that will bring back great memories of playing good old Gameboy games. HyperKin have created a pretty affordable device in which your phone becomes the screen for a the Gameboy. Instead of having a Virtual Gameboy, your phone turns into a sort of real Gameboy, but not just quite.

The idea is great: just put your (USB-C, Android) phone in the SmartBoy, insert your favourite game cartridge and play! However, things don’t work quite the way you’d expect. Before getting started, you’ll need to download two apps: SmartBoy Serial and MyOldBoy. Also, the GameBoy console doesn’t really play your games cartridge either; you’ll need to wait for the app to download a copy of the game to your phone’s memory and then manually open it using MyOldBoy. ¬†While this might not seem the most practical way of playing Gameboy games (I mean, did you really bring your cartridges with you in your bag? Did you find them again in the attic?), the pain doesn’t stop there.

The HyperKin SmartBoy Mobile, a pretty crude device in it’s own right, doesn’t come included with a battery pack… We’re not asking for a top of the line battery pack here, but if you decide to walk around with a big plastic casing around your phone, why not at least add some mAh’s to your phone.


So, we’re asking ourselves: do we really need this accessory? Is it really practical? I think we can answer both questions with a definite no. However, is it cool? Does it bring back memories? Heck ya!

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