Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

Sony USB-C docks for its XZ/XC series

According to, Sony has released an USB-C dock to retail stores and has included adapters for a “plethora of different Sony handsets”. A commenter however mentions that the dock has been available from their site for some time, and that it’s only for their Xperia XZ/XC series.

The strange thing however, is the image that’s shown of the back: it shows a plain micro-B port. We’re very curious what this means for charging. As per the standards, this would mean the connection is basically USB 2.0. Then either the dock conform USB-BC 1.2 (BC: battery charging), which means it’ll stay at 5V, or some proprietary Sony solution. It won’t conform to USB-PD (Power Delivery), which allows for much higher voltages. This is a shame because otherwise the dock would be much more useful.

However we haven’t tested this dock, so we’re very much open to feedback.

Sony DK60 phone dock, backside