Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

The best Dual USB-C chargers

Now that USB Type C is getting a bit of traction, it’s becomes harder to find enough power sockets for our adapters in our house to charge our devices. More phones, laptops, and other accessories are equipped with USB-C connectors, and chargers are in high demand. Therefore, dual USB-C charger could be the solution!

In an ideal world, batteries would last forever. However, in our current world, the focus is still on battery-consuming features and the thinnest products possible. This doesn’t leave much room for battery power, and requires a frequent charge of your favourite USB-C gadget.

To make life a little bit easier, and not have a charger in every power socket, a solution could be to use a dual USB-C charger. Yet, those chargers aren’t the easiest to find. So we’ve done the hard work for you, and made a selection of USB-C chargers with at least two USB-C connectors. Some chargers in our selection even have connectors for USB-A ports, leaving a bit of room to also charge those (or, if you’re feeling patient, use a USB-A to USB-C cable).

Scosche PowerVolt™ Power Delivery 3.0

Scosche, known for their adapters, cables, and many other accessories, have a product in their lineup which delivers two USB-C connections. The Scosche PowerVolt Power Delivery is a wall charger and is equipped with two 18W USB-C PD (Power Delivery 3.0). It is also reasonably priced (less than $40 at the time of writing).

Google Universal 22.5 W Dual Port USB Type-C Charger

The Google Universal 22.5 W Dual Port USB Type-C Charger is another dual USB-C wall charger. The charger is capable of delivering 22.5 watt, slightly more than the Scosche delivers, and similarly priced. The design of the Scosche might be a bit more appealing though. At the moment of writing, the Google Charger is not available in the US nor in the Australian store (but it is in the Canadian store). So, this product might be phased out soon, if the US and AU availability is any indication.

Satechi 7-port USB Charging Stations with 2 USB Type C Ports

The Satechi charging station is a beast. It allows for 7  devices to be charged simultaneous, of which 2 ports are USB-C. The Satechi only supports 5V/3A, and no USB-C PD. However, it should be enough to charge your phone or tablet easily. As an extra benefit, the Satechi charging station declutters your house nicely.

Similar to the Google wall charger, the Satechi is currently not in stock, and we are currently awaiting an answer from Satechi if the charging station will come in stock again.

Dual USB-C chargers situation

So, as can be seen in the list above, there are currently not many options available for dual charging your devices. Hopefully this will change in the nearby future, and we can make charging our favourite devices just a touch easier!