Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018

This Week In Crowdfunding (September 15th 2018)

This Week in Crowdfunding is a new Article “Series” that we are trying out. It will feature several products that we find on Indiegogo and Kickstarter that use USB-C in some form and have not yet reached the end of their funding period.

Soholine, a crush-proof USB-C hub that has built-in wireless charging

The Soholine is a mobile USB-C hub with 4K HDMI, microSD, SD, 3 x USB 3.1 and USB-C Power Delivery. It also acts as a wireless charging pad for your phone. Its dustproof and crushproof making it perfect for travel.


Magtop Pro, a sleek magnetic USB-C Adapter(think MagSafe)

Intended as a Magsafe replacement and alternative, Magtop Pro offers 100w fast charge, 4k video and audio transmission, 10gb/s data transfer, and an LED indicator. It works on macbooks or any other USB-C devices.


Muggo, a Heating coffee cup

The Muggo is a rechargeable coffee cup that heats your beverage, it has modular batteries that recharge off of a wireless charging coaster which can use USB-C to power it. It can heat your drink for 5 hours and up to a temperature of 150℉ or 65℃.


Swift one, a usb-c pd 30w power bank that has quick charge 3.0

The Swift One from NexX is a 20100 mAh USB-C Power Bank now Crowdfunding on Indiegogo. It features two USB-C ports: one with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and the other has USB-C 30W PD output. Additionally it also has a USB-A port. You can read a full article on the Swift One here .

Swift One_1

Langogo, a pocket translator with wifi hotspot capabilities

Langogo is a device that translate 60 languages vocally or by text. It supports real time 2 way translation for making conversations easy. The langogo also can act as a portable wifi hotspot in most of the world.


EAK MagPower, a battery pack with wireless charging

The EAK N2 MagPower is a battery bank that magnetically attaches to your phone and wirelessly charges it. It also has a USB-C port, a micro USB port, and a USB-A port. The micro USB and USB-C port can both be used to charge it while the USB-A and USB-C port are used for output.


Doogee s70, a rugged gaming smartphone

The S70 is a rugged gaming phone. The device is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. It has wireless charging and supports fast charging at 24w. It has a large 5500 mAh battery to keep you untethered from the charger all day.


Ordin, a mobile windows pc tablet

The Ordin is a mini pc with a ton of IO, it has a ton of IO such as a headphone jack, a hdmi port, an ethernet port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, and of course a USB-C port. It has a 7th gen m3 processor and has 8 gigs of ram. The Ordin also has some accessories available such as a gamepad and a desktop dock.


That’s it for This Week in Crowdfunding, Let us know if we missed any and if you want to see more of these products. You can check out last weeks post here, and be sure tp check back next week for more USB-C crowdfunding campaigns.