Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

This week in USB-C Today

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo SwitchWith the CES 2017 ended, the USB-C related news is taking a small decline. However, while lacking in quantity, there’s no decline in the quality of USB-C news. Our sources, and numerous other news sites, have confirmed that the new handheld/gaming device by Nintendo will be charged over USB-C. This is good news for the gaming addicts out there, since the increase in popularity of USB-C will mean that you’ll never run out of power connectors again. It’s unknown at the moment if the USB-C connection will solely be used for charging, or if other extensions might be possible, like headphones or external controllers. To be updated soon!

HTC U UltraWhile at the subject of headphones: though Apple was highly criticised for removing the audio jack on the new iPhone, it seems that other manufacturers are picking up on this quickly and following Apple in their
move. In recent news, HTC has introduced two new phones in their HTC U Ultra lineup, where both phones are lacking a 3,5mm audio jack. The HTC U Ultra uses the USB-C connector for charging and audio. Other specs of the HTC U Ultra are a screen size of 5.7″, a resolution of 2560×1440 and 64 gig of storage. The HTC U Ultra runs on an Android 7.