Sunday, 21 Oct 2018

Update on the Snapnator, a MagSafe alternative for USB-C

Pre-production picture of the Snapnator

Some time ago, we laid out a guide for people who were missing the MagSafe for their Late 2016 MacBook Pro. If you’re not an Apple user: MagSafe is a magnetically attached power adapter that was present for a long time on Apple laptops. It started disappearing when newer models switched to USB-C for power.

Griffin was the first company to come out with an USB-C based magnetic connector, the BreakSafe. It has a limit on the amount of watts it can charge: 60W. Since the charger of the 15″ MacBook Pro can deliver up to 87W, people wanted more. And last year, we saw two KickStarter projects appear which promised up to a 100W charge: the Snapnator and the MagNeo. Both got delayed severely, and when the Snapnator project for a time did not come up with explanations for the delays, people on the MacRumors forums wondered whether the project would turn out to be a scam.

This weekend however, Stuart Harcourt received his Snapnator and released an unboxing video. Have a look, or check out our cables section!