Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

The Verge on USB-C chargers

Today, Chaim Gartenberg writes a column for The Verge, titled “Why can’t all my chargers just charge all my stuff?” A very good question indeed!

Apple Macbook 2015 with cable
Source: Maurizio Pesce on Flickr

The piece then goes on to say that USB-C promises that every charger should be compatible with every device. But that this particular promise is not working in practice.

We agree that it’s messy right now. For example, we received a NewerTech 60W charger that doesn’t work with our 15″ MacBook Pro, but supposedly does work with the 13″ version. Strange, since both laptops charge via USB-C. We also got a 45W Innergie charger, which was very well-received by independent reviewers like Nathan K. but still caused our MacBook’s USB-C ports to mysteriously stop functioning for a couple of days.

But then again, we were able to run our laptops for a whole day on the charger that came with the Nintendo Switch. So in some cases, the ecosystem is definitely working.

In any case, we’re happy with the fact that mainstream publications are bringing attention to the warts of USB-C. In the meantime, we hope to serve the public with our selection of safe and tested chargers and cables.