Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018

Wibo, the smarter cable

We at USB-C Today love cables, and we love USB-C cables even more. Now, the wibo Kickstarter project makes our life even better by claiming to have developed the smartest USB-C cable out there. What’s more, it’s even equipped with AI, which sounds very impressive.

So, what’s so smart about the wibo cables which sets them apart from a normal USB-C charging cable. Well, first, it’s the AI part. It allows the cable to detect the charging specification of the device you want to charge. This allows the cable to deliver the right amount of voltage.  The wibo will indicate if the charger will deliver enough power by using a handy status led in the colors green (good!), orange (low power charger) or red (not enough power)

The wibo is compatible with USB-C PD (Power Delivery). and comes in a few different pledges, ranging form the wibo 24W adapter (for only $11 USD) to a complete package with 3 wibo cables plus 3 adapters, available for $94 USD. 

We are planning on reviewing the wibo soon in our test lab, where we have quite the range of low and high output adapters. Stay tuned!