Sunday, 21 Oct 2018

Xiaomi Air 12 laptop review from Ars

Alun Taylor from Ars Technica comes with a review of the Xiaomi Air 12. Xiaomi (pronounced roughly as chow-MI) is a reputable Chinese brand that produces a pretty broad range of electronics, and this laptop is especially interesting with its fully functional USB-C port. But besides that, it also comes with anUSB 3.0 Type-A, HDMI and headphone jack.

The purchase is not free of hassle, though: “Xiaomi hasn’t officially released the Air 12 (or its 13-inch big brother the Air 13) in the UK, US, or other western markets. Buying one means dealing with grey importers and sucking up the associated ramifications regarding import duties and after-sales support, or lack thereof. My review sample came from Chinese reseller GearBest.”

The author also notes he had to reinstall Windows but all in all, he’s quite positive: “a lot of laptop for the money (…) well made, expandable, and affordable”.

If you dare and take the leap: Xiaomi Air 12 on GearBest