Sunday, 21 Oct 2018

The Xperia Touch projector, more than just a projector

Sony Experia Touch

At the Mobile World Congress, Sony introduced a new kind of Android device: the Xperia Touch projector. The Xperia Touch can project touch screens up to 23″, or project image only output up to 80″. The Xperia Touch turns any surface into a digital touch screen. The touch ‘screen’ (or any surface you’d see fit to project on) has 10 touch sensors which work by using infrared sensors. This makes it ideal for collaboration with multiple people (are we thinking about digital board games here? We might be!). It also has the full functionality of standard Android tables, is equipped with a USB-C connector,  wifi-ac, bluetooh 4.2, NFC and an HDMI-connection.

Sony Experia Touch

One of the downsides of the projector is it’s 100 lumen output, making it less suitable for bright environments. Another hurdle is its steep price tag of around $1600.

User Interface

Sony has created their own UI for the Xperia touch. This includes calendar events, a memo board, a weather dashboard, etc., as well as anything else an Android tablet can do. We are of the opinion that, mostly because of the price tag, this device might be more suited for creative offices or product demos. So, unless you want impress your friends, and the limited light output isn’t a barrier for you, then we’d certainly recommend to keep an eye out for this product!

Note: The Verge have published a hands-on, which we recommend checking out for more details about the product!